Salcombe History Society was formed on 3rd March 2010 at a Public Meeting held at Salcombe Primary School.

Twelve months earlier Ken Prowse created a slot on Facebook Named "Salcombe Old Locals and Yokels"- SOLAY. 8 Photos and 2 Friends started the site which now has 350 members and over 1100 Pictures.

So much information was coming from these pictures and recollections it was decided that they need to be recorded. Salcombe Maritime Museum has a lot of information on the Shipbuilding and Maritime History, Cider Production, Grain and other goods exported from Salcombe. Our question was; Where were the apples grown? Who picked them? Who crushed them to make into Cider and who carted them the to the Quay? There were some 20 Farms in and around Salcombe ; now just one remains within the Parish boundaries, "Motherhill" owned by the Weymouth Family.

Our objective is to gather information about Salcombe and the Hamlets of Shadycombe and Batson. To make available all we discover to people world-wide and enable them to research their roots on one dedicated site.

We have only just started this project and are now realising the enormity of the task. We have a small committee who are working hard to gather as much information as possible. Oral History, Photographic History, Parish Records, Video History, Census, Programmes, in fact anything that relates to Salcombe's past.

This will be an ongoing organisation preserving todays news which becomes tomorrows History. We want to encourage young and old alike to delve into their past, and share it with us and the World. We cannot afford a Museum Site so for the time being will make the Website our Museum. We meet every 2-3 months to hold Open Evenings to show our latest finds and acquisitions; this has proved very popular. Many old Pictures and Ephemera are brought to these meetings as well as Family Trees which are invaluable to our research team.

If you have any Old photos , Programmes, Holiday snaps or Cine film, we would be keen to speak with you.

Three meetings have been held and we now have 70 paid-up Members. As you can appreciate this all costs money and what we have achieved with £350 I think is remarkable. What we need is more Financial help in order to buy much needed Archive Storage Space, Sound Recording Equipment, Video Recording Equipment and many other items. If you can help in any way it would be much appreciated.

Membership is £6 per annum.
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Chairman; Ken Prowse